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An exclusive discord group designed to help you make money through reselling products such as sneakers, tickets, collectables, streetwear, and more.



Exclusive Resell Information

As a member of Resell Universe, you will recieve expert information on products such as sneakers, tickets, collectibles, streetwear, and much more. Many products we find can be resold for over 10x the purchase price.

  • Info on many profitable products
  • Immediate release alerts
  • Inside information on stock numbers

Expert Resell Advising

Our staff at Resell Universe will always be able to answer your questions and provide you with the best reslling advice as possible. We also have several step-by-step guides that go in depth on how to buy and sell any product.


  • 24/7 Server Support
  • Detailed Reselling Guides
  • One on One Expert Advice

Deals & Codes

Our discord server will provide you with legal discount codes that can get you coupons for up to 100% off items, or extremely discounted gift cards. We also provide a marketplace for our users to buy and sell any items they cop.


  • Promo Codes
  • Discounted Gift Cards
  • Exclusive Marketplace
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